SPMH Holiday Ornaments

To date, SPMH has designed and created three special ornaments, each depicting an architectural gem of Music Hall.

Holiday ornaments reflecting the architecture of Music Hall

The first is a brilliant three-inch diameter lead crystal ornament etched with the iconic Music Hall Rose Window. The ornament was converted from the Philip Groshong photograph taken for SPMH and was designed by Kelly Pennington of Strata-G Communications.

The second ornament. also three-inch diameter lead crystal, depicts the original structure of Music Hall, as it stood in 1878. Both lead crystal ornaments feature a scalloped edge.

The most recent is a Rookwood Porcelain ornament, designed by SPMH vice president Marcella Hsiung. The ornament features the rosette design from the Music Hall coffered ceiling and it, too, is based on a photograph by Philip Groshong.

All three ornaments are etched with the words ''Cincinnati Music Hall 1878'' and are perfect for gifting or keeping. Each comes with its own cord for hanging and in a gift box; they are available in the Cincinnati Symphony's Bravo Shop in the lobby of Music Hall.


Ornament images courtesy of Philip Groshong Photography.

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