2016 SPMH Annual Meeting

The 2016 Annual Meeting, was held on Tuesday, September 13. As work continued toward the revitalization of Music Hall, the meeting was held in the University Club. Pianist Don Hurd entertained attendees during the reception prior to the meeting.

President Peter Koenig opened the meeting with a warm welcome, and with sad news: SPMH co-founder and former Board President Norma Petersen had passed away just days before the meeting. Mr. Koenig cited Mrs. Petersen's dedication to Music Hall and contributions to the arts community at large. He also shared that earlier in the year, two former board members had passed: Barbara Boyd, a founding member of SPMH, and Joel Ebersole, a longtime member as well as an unofficial historian for the College of Music.

In recounting highlights from the year's work, Mr. Koenig included mention of the Wurlitzer Concert Series. Immediate Past-President Don Siekmann, the architect and moving force behind those concerts, spoke briefly about their popularity with hopes for them to return once Music Hall reopens. Mr. Siekmann also gave the Nominating Committee report, thanking retiring Directors Barbara Harshman, Ramon Rodiguez, Rosemary Schlachter and Sue Sommer.

New SPMH Directors are Phillip C. Long and William John Ryan. Mr. Long formerly held executive positions at Fifth Third Bank and then became Director and CEO of the Taft Museum. He currently is Director Emeritus of the Taft and continues to work in support of the arts in Cincinnati. Mr. Ryan's expertise is in financing and investment banking, and he is on the boards of the Taft Museum of Art, Downtown Council, Inc., serves on committees for ArtsWave and the Lindner Center of Hope.

Andrew Bowen and Thea Tjepkema recounted the successes of the SPMH ''Beyond the Bricks'' Tour Program under the direction of Ramona Toussaint. These include:

Ed Rider, chair of the Facilities Funding Committee, described the work funded by SPMH to move and store the Music Hall paintings, statuary and artifacts during construction. He also applauded Scott Santangelo, Director of Operations for Music Hall, for his work in the successful sale of those items that will not be part of Music Hall when it reopens. In addition, SPMH has given CET a grant for a program on the renovation of Music Hall.

Mr. Rider also cited the continuing work on the restoration of the organ panels, which is one of several key projects undertaken by SPMH.

Stephen G. Leeper, President and CEO of 3CDC, the Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation, provided attendees with an update on renovation activities and plans. He indicated that to date, construction is on schedule and on budget. The target completion date is October 2, 2017.

Some of the highlights of Mr. Leeper's presentation:

In addition, he detailed some of the surprises that have been uncovered during the work. Architectural features that have been discovered include:

Of particular interest to SPMH members was his description of the restoration of Corbett Tower. The room volume will be restored as closely as possible. Also, the plaster ceiling, cove, walls and original arches opening from the north lobby will be repaired and restored. Design plans include replicating the original wainscot stenciling on all surfaces.

In addition, the transoms above the windows facing Elm Street and Washington Park will be restored and the Corbett chandeliers that were in the main lobby will be relocated into Corbett Tower.

Following his presentation, Mr. Leeper turned the podium over to Otto M. Budig, Jr., President of the Music Hall Revitalization Company. Mr. Budig reflected on the SPMH Annual Meeting in Corbett Tower in 2013, when he urged everyone to have patience with the process, and said it was reassuring to see the details and progress that has been made since then. Mr. Budig hailed 3CDC as ''visionary partners, here and throughout the city.'' He emphasized to all attending the SPMH meeting that ''for all of us, there is no legacy more important than Music Hall.'' Additional work needs to be done, he said, adding that MHRC needs about $4 million dollars to properly finish the job.

In a question-and-answer period following his talk, individuals asked about access to Music Hall from Central Parkway. (Currently the city is balking at repairing or replacing the pedestrian bridge between the Towne Centre City Parking Garage and Music Hall.) Mr. Leeper said that there's a strong possibility that a shuttle system will be set up to bring patrons from that parking garage to the front doors of Music Hall.

Another question addressed the Music Hall timeline created by SPMH. Mr. Leeper indicated that the design company is looking at a visual electronic wall where people can see and interact with the elements of the timeline.

Photographs provided by Philip Groshong, Philip Groshong Photography.

SPMH President Peter Koenig, Otto M. Budig Jr. and Stephen Leeper
SPMH President Peter Koenig (left) with MHRC president Otto M. Budig Jr. (center) and Stephen Leeper, President and CEO of 3CDC

John Ryan and Phillip Long, mew SPMH Board Members
SPMH welcomes new board members John Ryan (left) and Phillip Long

Valerie Newell, Don and Linda Siekmann
Valerie Newell (left) with SPMH Past President Don Siekmann and Linda Siekmann

Lucy Hodgson and Chris Pinelo, CSO Director of Marketing
Lucy Hodgson with Chris Pinelo, CSO Director of Marketing

SPMH President Peter Koenig with Yvette Simpson, Cincinnati City Councilmember
SPMH President Peter Koenig with Yvette Simpson, Cincinnati City Council

Kathy and Scott Santangelo
Kathy and Scott Santangelo, Director of Operations for Music Hall

Ken Kreider, SPMH; Don Hurd and Ron Wehmeier, SPMH members
SPMH Board member Ken Kreider with Don Hurd and Ron Wehmeier, SPMH members

SPMH Board Members Thea Tjepkema, Lisa Allison, Bethany Vondran
SPMH Board Member Thea Tjepkema (left), SPMH VP Lisa Allison (center), SPMH Board Member Bethany Vondran (right)
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