2013 SPMH Annual Meeting

The 2013 Annual Meeting of the Society for the Preservation of Music Hall was held in Corbett Tower on Tuesday, September 24. President Don Siekmann called the meeting to order with the playing of the ''Music Hall March'', a piece commissioned for the opening of Music Hall in 1878.

To date, SPMH has over 480 members and, through tours and events, has brought over 9,000 individuals to Music Hall in the last three years. Mr. Siekmann detailed the benefits of SPMH membership, including Music Hall Marks, the SPMH newsletter published semi-annually, which includes preservation initiatives, Music Hall history and happenings in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. SPMH events include the semi-annual concerts featuring the Mighty Wurlitzer theatre organ. Additionally, SPMH produces holiday ornaments featuring architectural details of Music Hall.

In 2013, SPMH supported two initiatives, the beginning of the restoration of the organ carvings, and the cleaning of the Reuben R. Springer statue in the Music Hall lobby. SPMH vice president Ed Rider detailed this work, and pledged SPMH financial support for the Revitalization Project and other, future Music Hall projects.

Vice president Kathy Janson described the Organ Panel project, showing the 18 panels that had for many years resided in the orchestra pit. Panel restoration is currently being recorded for use in a documentary on the process being created by filmmaker and board member Melissa Godoy, through a Cincinnati City Arts grant.

Peter Koenig, vice president and head of the nominating committee, thanks retiring directors Barbara Boyd, Joel Ebersole, Marge Hammelrath, Kathryn Shahani, and Norman Thomas, and he welcomed new board member Andrew Bowen.

Otto M. Budig, longtime arts patron and supporter and the leader of the efforts to renovate Music Hall, gave an update on the effort. He reminded everyone that the work is more a marathon than a sprint, adding that, in April 2013, 3CDC - the nonprofit developer Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation - had joined the effort to raise funds for renovation. 3CDC will oversee the project budget, along with the final design of the proposed renovations, ensuring that the design meets the needs of patrons and building residents, and cost demands.

Entertainment for the evening was provided by Luis Orozco, Baritone, and Carol Walker, pianist, for The Cincinnati Opera.

SPMH board member Lisa Allison and president Don Siekmann
SPMH board member Lisa Allison with president Don Siekmann

Kathy Janson, Michael Janson and Marcella Hsiung
SPMH vice presidents Kathy Janson and Marcella Hsiung with Michael Janson

SPMH Administrator Mary Coyne with Board member Meredith Downton
SPMH administrator Mary Coyne with board member Meredith Downton

Otto M. Budig
Otto Budig provides an update on the renovation of Music Hall

Melissa Godoy and Kathy Janson
Filmmaker and SPMH board member Melissa Godoy discusses the organ panel renovation with vice president Kathy Janson

SPMH VP Ed Rider
SPMH vice president Ed Rider watches a preview of the organ panel documentary

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