2008 SPMH Annual Meeting

The 2008 SPMH Annual meeting, originally scheduled for Monday, September 15, was held on Monday, October 6 in Corbett Tower. Before the business meeting, a cocktail reception complete with autumn-themed buffet was held for SPMH Board members and guests.

The meeting was called to order by President Norma Petersen. In her remarks, Mrs. Petersen reported that she had just read the minutes of a Music Hall Association meeting of 1928. She noted numerous similarities between Music Hall then and now, including facing financial concerns and grieving the loss of an important Music Hall supporter.

Cincinnati City Councilmember Chris Monzel was the invited guest speaker. He began by recounting his introduction to Music Hall, and to live arts performances, as a youngster. Now, as a father, he makes sure that the arts and Music Hall are part of the lives of his young children. He said that his early experiences, and his resulting love of Music Hall, are replicated today by parents and grandparents around the city.

From his deep appreciation of Music Hall developed through the years, Monzel spoke about the need to continue to support both Music Hall and the neighborhood of Over-the-Rhine. He pledged his personal commitment to identifying problems and seeking solutions and financing, in collaboration with SPMH and 3CDC. He congratulated SPMH members for their far-sighted, ongoing care of Music Hall.

Historical: During the business meeting, SPMH Historical Committee Chair and Vice President Robert Howes highlighted samples from a collection of vintage documents concerning Music hall, purchased at an estate sale by Mr. Carl Fisher. Those documents, which helped paint a vivide picture of life in and around Music Hall, were donated by Mr. Fisher to the Historical Society Library at Cincinnati Museum Center.

Nominations: The following individuals were re-elected to the board for 3-year terms at this annual meeting:

  • Meredith Downton
  • Nancy Wagner
  • Stacey Woolley
  • Alan Sakalas
Barbara Boyd was nominated as an Honorary Trustee. New officers for 2008-2009 were named.

Education-Tours: Mace Justice reported that SPMH guides conducted 30 tours for 1,112 individuals. This past year's totals were 30 tours for 1,286 individuals.

CommunicationsCarol Norris, head of the communications committee, reported that the publication of an SPMH special newsletter commemorating the life of Patricia Corbett, one of the founding members of SPMH, was very well received.

In addition, there was an update on the installation into the Music Hall Ballroom of the Albee Mighty Wurlitzer Organ. The report was given by Ronald Wehmeier, the person refurbishing the organ. He also gave a tour to interested SPMH members after the meeting, to show the progress in the installation of the pipe chambers.

Information for this report came from notes on the 2008 Annual Meeting provided by Karen McKim, Secretary, SPMH.

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