2004 SPMH Annual Meeting

President Norma Petersen called the Annual Meeting to order at 6:10 on the Music Hall stage. She welcomed the trustees and guests and thanked ''Dudley Taft & Friends'' for delighting everyone with spirited Dixieland music. She also thanked Barbara Harshman for chairing the lovely cocktail reception that preceded the meeting.

The following members were present: Dottie Lewis, Norma Petersen, Karen McKim, Barbara Hahn, Barbara Harshman, Mace Justice, Tom Osterman, Tom Buck, Dan Lorey, Joel Ebersole, Joyce VanWye, Sylvia Benjamin, Bob Howes, Sue Sommer, Marlene Johnson, Carol Norris, Ashley Ford, Barbara Boyd, Marlesa Gray, Ben Reece, Peggy Snyder, Marcella Hsiung, Jocelyn Dunphy, Sally Wadsworth, and Mrs. Louise Nippert. Cincinnati Arts Association liaisons Rick Diehl and Janet Taylor were also present, as well as numerous friends of SPMH.

Music Hall Update: Norma called on Rick Diehl, manager of Music Hall through Cincinnati Arts Association, for an update on projects currently underway at Music Hall. Rick recognized SPMH for all that the organization does for the betterment of Music Hall. He cited the 125th Anniversary collaborative celebration and he added that projects of SPMH are visible everywhere in the building. The two current projeccts are the second floor renovations of the ''linoleum hallway,'' which are complete except for the carpeting; and the doorway in the North Corridor, which will be constructed when the CSO is on tour this fall. This new egress is particularly for the convenience of Cincinnati Opera, which will shortly move to the north end of Music Hall.

Joyce VanWye, SPMH co-founder and lifetime trustee
Joyce VanWye
SPMH co-founder
Farewell to Joyce VanWye: Barbara Hahn and Barbara Harshman joined Norma at the podium to pay tribute to Joyce VanWye, co-founder and lifetime trustee, who is moving out of town and will no longer be active with SPMH on a daily basis. Joyce was presented with a token of appreciation for her many years of dedicated service to SPMH, and she was honored with a standing ovation.

Norma then remembered three recently-deceased trustees: Joyce Holmes, Jean Reis, and Mel Schulman, all of whom the CSO has memorialized with engraved plaques on special seats in the Music Hall auditorium.

Corresponding Secretaries: Dottie Lewis reported that donations to SPMH continue to be acknowledged; Norma added that additional donations have been pouring in following the recent mailing of Music Hall Marks.

Nominations: On behalf of the Nominating Committee, Sylvia Benjamin presented two new trustees for membership on the SPMH board:

  • Dava Biehl
  • Maureen Dillon
In addition, she presented the following slate of officers for the year 2004-2005:
  • President: Norma Petersen
  • Vice Presidents: Sylvia L. Benjamin
    Barbara Hahn
    Barbara Harshman
    Rosemary Schlachter
  • Recording Secretary: Karen McKim
  • Corresponding Secretaries: Dorothy R. Lewis
  • Martha Seaman
  • Treasurer: Benjamin T. Reece
A full list of current SPMH officers, trustees and founders is available online here.

Music Hall Documentary Video Project: Dan Lorey and CET Senior Producer/Director Joanne Grueter reported that the video script is currently being written, preliminary to taping. Ms. Grueter promised a ''strong, accurate and entertaining video.'' The Cincinnati Historical Society Library is a third collaborator in this exciting project.

Archives: Carol Norris reported that the next newsletter will come out near Halloween and will feature some of the Music Hall ghost stories.

Archives: Robert Howes reported that Music Hall will be featured in a National Geographic television series about forensic anthropology because of human remains buried long ago on the site of Music Hall. Bob was interviewed for this series.

Bob also reported that SPMH will contract to have our own display cases built for the second floor display area. He has begun discussions with Joe Hopper, Stage Manager for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, for construction of these cases.

Tour Guides: Peggy Snyder reported that 2,250 people have toured Music Hall this year. Fifty-seven percent of those people toured through a connection with the CSO; ten percent were from Elderhostel Trips. Groups from Tall Stacks, senior centers, and church groups typically tour Music Hall. Peggy has a great staff of enthusiastic volunteer tour guides. A better solution to scheduling tours still needs to be devised.

Peggy also showed a copy of the book ''Ghostbusing Ohio'', which contains a section featuring Music Hall. Tour Guide Marie Gallagher assisted the author with material about Music Hall and is mentioned several times in the book.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:45 p.m. Following the formal meeting, guests again enjoyed the music of ''Dudley Taft & Friends'' as well as tours of Music Hall.

Information for this report came from notes on the 2004 Annual Meeting provided by Karen McKim, Recording Secretary, SPMH.

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