Become a Tour Guide for Music Hall

Even though Music Hall is closed for renovation, there's a demand for tours. SPMH is looking for volunteer tour guides who share with us a passion for Music Hall. Cincinnati's historic Music Hall features many treasures and stories in both the public and behind-the-scenes areas, as well as in the architecture of the structure.

SPMH tour guides Carol Kruse and Susan Westrick Tour Guides are the public face of SPMH, sharing stories, details and history with people of all ages, and from all walks of life. They attend orientation and enrichment events, and receive training to ensure they have the knowledge and skill to partner with SPMH as ambassadors of Music Hall.

Schedules for tour guides are flexible. Tours generally are conducted weekdays between 9am and 3pm, and occasionally tours can be accommodated during other hours.

If you are interested in becoming a Music Hall Tour Guide, or would like more information, contact SPMH Tour Coordinator Ramona Toussaint at 513.744.3344 or


While Music Hall is closed for renovation, there are Virtual Tours. Walking Tours resume in Spring 2017.

If you'd like to receive updates on the tour program - e.g. pop-up tours, hard-hat tours during construction, etc. - submit your contact information on the Music Hall Tour Request Form.

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