Volunteer with SPMH for Music Hall

Program volunteers are committed, caring and valuable to the success of the SPMH Tour and Education Outreach Program. Program Guides are SPMH representatives as well as ambassadors for the resident companies of Cincinnati Music Hall. Volunteers understand their responsibility to always represent the organizations in a positive and presentable manner. Interested in volunteering? Call: 513.744.3293, OR Apply directly at www.cincinnatiarts.org/volunteer.

SPMH tour guide Thea Tjepkema with a Tour Group outside Music Hall Content Curator Volunteers help ensure tour products and information provide entertaining, factual history. Through professional and entertaining tour and outreach experiences, the program provides a deeper appreciation of the history of Cincinnati Music Hall. By gathering well-researched, credible source cited information and crafting engaging narratives Content Curators help bring Cincinnati Music Hall's relevance to present day audiences through tour ''Resource Documents'' and/or digital media. Although not directly involved with product delivery, Content Curators are assigned pre-approved research projects supporting the program's goals. Through researching and designing up-to-date product offerings, analyzing and evaluating product structure, and incorporating guests' feedback, Content Curators help develop the tools of the SPMH Tour & Education Outreach Programs and further the knowledge of SPMH Program Guides.

SPMH Program Guide Volunteers provide and lead in-depth, knowledgeable, professional and entertaining tours and outreach programming for guests of all ages in a safe environment. Guides continually strive to improve tours and techniques to engage their audience. Through professional and entertaining tour and outreach experiences the program provides a deeper appreciation of the history of Cincinnati Music Hall.

Schedules for Program Guide Volunteers are flexible. Tours generally are conducted weekdays between 9am and 3pm, and occasionally tours can be accommodated during other hours.

If you are interested in volunteering with SPMH, or would like more information, contact Ramona Toussaint at 513.744.3293 or


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