Your First Visit to Music Hall

If you've never been to Music Hall, plan to attend a concert or event once the structure reopens in Fall 2017, following renovation.

Outside, the building can look imposing, with its deep red bricks, stone carvings and tall wood doors. Inside, the glistening chandeliers, plush seats and the elegant design imply that you won't be comfortable in anything less than formal attire.

Do you really need to spend a small fortune to dress for a concert or event at Music Hall?

Only if you want to.

Everyone is welcome at Music Hall. You'll see people wearing everything from nice/dressy jeans to formal gowns and tuxedos. When Reuben Springer and the other ''founding fathers'' of Music Hall conceived of this structure, they stated that the hall would belong to the people of Cincinnati. If you want to dress appropriately -- and be "safe", business attire works. Or, dress as you would to attend your church. If you enjoy getting dressed up, do so. It is customary to stay away from very casual garb (torn clothing, tank tops). One caveat: please refrain from wearing strong scents. These can be distracting to others, and may trigger someone's allergies.

There is etiquette that accompanies many performances. These are things that will make your time spent at Music Hall much nicer. Call them "unspoken" rules, if you will. These include:

Show your appreciation with applause! In classical performances, longer works are broken into sections, or movements. This is usually where people who are just developing their enjoyment of classical music feel awkward: the music stopped. Should I applaud? When in doubt, wait for others and then join in. Also, read the program before hand. It will indicate for each major composition whether there are movements and, if so, how many.


The LA Philharmonic has a great FAQ - a page of frequently asked questions, on everything from what is classical music to when you should arrive.

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