Music Hall Green Room

Music Hall's Green Room is both a haven for artists who perform on stage and a place for visitors to meet their favorite musicians and singers after their performances.

The Music Hall Green Room In early 2001, SPMH coordinated the funding of the renovation of the Green Room, the first in more than 30 years. Mrs. Patricia Corbett generously offered to contribute funds needed to renovate the Maestro's office suite and SPMH raised the balance of funding needed for the reception room and the rooms for guest artists. The goal: finish the renovations in time for the arrival of Paavo Jãrvi as the new music director of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

SPMH extends heartfelt thanks for support for the renovation to:

The Maestro's Suite: named in honor of Mrs. Patricia Corbett
Dressing Room: named in honor of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Dressing Room: named in honor of Claire B. Phillips
Dressing Room: named in honor of The Thomas J. Emery Memorial
Chandelier: named in honor of Messer Construction Co.
Furnishings: named in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Scripps, Sr.
Principal Artist Dressing Room: named in honor of Alice and Harris K. Weston

In addition, the following individuals and organizations provided generous support:

Cincinnati Stage Employees Local Number 5
Stephen F. Dana
Dr. Paul J. Dirkes
William A. Friedlander Fund No. 2 of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Barbara and Morton Harshman
Robert and Patricia Henley
Harold and Joyce Holmes
Marlene and J.C. Johnson
Patrick M. Korb
Thomas and Adele Lippert
S.W. McIntire
Louise Dieterle Nippert
Ruthe G. Pearlman
Marjorie F. Perin
Norma Petersen
Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Schippers in Memory of Thomas Schippers
Rosemary and Mark Schulman
Tom and Dee Stegman
Anita and George B. Stewart
Joyce Van Wye
Suzanne Warrington in Memory of John Wesley Warrington


As with the Green Room in Music Hall, not many of these performer ''holding'' areas are really green. Wikipedia features an article on the historical attributes of the term ''green room''.

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