Music Hall Features

Ask anyone who has been to Music Hall -- both young and old -- and they often admit to being mesmerized by the sparkling chandelier that hangs in Springer Auditorium. >find out more about the chandelier

Corbett Tower is the charming reception room on the third floor of Music Hall. Named for J. Ralph and Patricia Corbett, long-time arts patrons, the room has an interesting past. >find out more about Corbett Tower

Visitors enter Music Hall through the elegant foyer, which still features the original flooring. >find out more the foyer

After many years in storage, the RKO Albee Mighty Wurlitzer Organ is playing again -- in Music Hall's Ballroom! >find out more about the Mighty Wurlitzer

>find out more the Ballroom

Throughout the hall, there are tales of singing and partying -- when no one is around. Is Music Hall haunted?. >find out more about ghosts in Music Hall

High above the seats in Springer Auditorium, at the base of the chandelier, is a one-of-a-kind painting. >find out more the ceiling painting

Visit the Green Room, the home-away-from-home for visiting performers. >find out more about the Green Room

The design of Music Hall's Rose Window is one that many people associate with this structure, even though it is repeated in many buildings around the world. >find out more about the Rose Window

There are many details that enhance the architecture and style of this historic structure. >find out more about the stone carvings


What about the revitalization? The Cincinnati Symphony Orchesta has a great webpage devoted to the renovation of Music Hall.

The Rack Photography website features amazing 360-degree panoramic photos of Music Hall, three feature the interior of the Springer Auditorium, and one shows the Grand Foyer.

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