Corbett Tower

Above the grand foyer, on the third floor, is a charming reception room named for J. Ralph and Patricia Corbett, long-time arts patrons and supporters of Music Hall.

When Music Hall was built, this area of the structure was known as Dexter Hall, named for Julius Dexter who was a civic leader and chair of the Music Hall building committee. The area was originally designated as a place for music recitals and seated about 1,200 people.

WCET television studio in Dexter Hall circa 1955 In the early 1950s, this area of Music Hall was used by The College of Music both as a classroom and for its radio and television studios.

Corbett Tower, September, 2012, during an SPMH event Today, as seen in the image on the left which was taken during a September, 2012, meeting of SPMH, the room is elegantly appointed and decorated. It features a stage and a dance floor, and seats up to 300. There are also bar and kitchen facilities for parties and banquets.

Visit the Cincinnati Arts Association website for rental information.


Patricia and J. Ralph Corbett were philanthropists in Cincinnati who funded a major renovation of Music Hall in the late 1960s-early 1970s and their influence is still felt today. Read about Patricia and Ralph Corbett.

Read ''Memorial to Julius Dexter: by the Commercial Club of Cincinnati''.

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