Music Hall's Organs

While there have been several organs featured in Cincinnati's Music Hall over the years, there are two that stand out: the Hook and Hastings organ, which was installed in time for the first performance in Music Hall in 1878, and the Mighty Wurlitzer Organ, which was installed in 2009 in the Music Hall Ballroom.

The Hook and Hastings Organ The Hook & Hastings Organ

At the time it was installed, Music Hall's Hook & Hastings Organ was the largest in the United States and one of five largest in the world.

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The Baldwin Opus XV Organ

The Baldwin Opus XV electronic organ was installed in 1974 in Springer Auditorium after the Hook & Hastings Organ had been dismantled.

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The Albee Mighty Wurlitzer Organ The Albee Mighty Wurlitzer Organ

This organ was built in 1927 for the RKO Albee Theatre in downtown Cincinnati. Originally, it was played to accompany the silent films of the era. Now in Music Hall's Ballroom, it sits nestled among other Albee artifacts and entertains guests for concerts and special events.

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Read an article written by Mary Ellyn Hutton on the Hook & Hastings Organ.

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