Music Hall's 50th Anniversary Celebration

In 1927, preparations were underway for the 50th anniversary celebration of Music Hall. As it had in cities throughout the nation, World War I had sobering effect on Cincinnati. Attendance was down at music events and few conventions and expositions were being held. It was believed that a revitalized Music Hall could bring new life to the structure and the city.

The Board of Trustees planned a Greater Cincinnati Exposition and allocated $750,000 for the modernization of the north and south halls. The north wing would be renovated to accommodate sports events and for the south wing, the building was reinforced to house exhibitions, automobile shows and large social functions.

By this time, the canal that ran on the west side of Music Hall had been drained and a street had been installed. There were independent foyers on the Parkway side for both the north and south buildings; the north hall also featured ticket offices on the west side.

The Greater Cincinnati Industrial Exposition commemorating the Golden Jubilee of Music Hall was held October 3-14, 1928. There were many exhibits throughout the structure, including an Art, Musical, Photographic and Stamp Exhibits. Others featured Rookwood Pottery and Antique Furniture. There was also a Firemen's Exhibit, Mound Builders' Exhibit, Military and Public Library Exhibits. See a list of the special features of the Exposition.


Check out the program for each day of the 50th Anniversary Exposition.

See a list of the special features of the Music Hall Golden Jubilee Exposition.

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