The Baldwin Opus XV Organ

In 1974, when the original Hook & Hastings Organ was deemed to be beyond repair, a new organ was installed in Music Hall. The new organ was designed and created by the Baldwin Piano and Organ Company and was a gift of Mr. and Mrs. J. Ralph Corbett. Then Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra music director, the late Thomas Schippers, made the selection.

The organ model was Opus XV and it was a multiwave-form organ with electro-acoustic pipes. Unlike its predecessor, this organ was movable and the pipes and console were stored backstage when it wasn't being used.

Maestro Schippers himself conducted the organ's inaugural concert and was organist, playing the ''Organ Concerto'' by Francis Poulenc.


The Baldwin Piano Company was based in Cincinnati and, for much of its history, was the largest U.S.-based manufacturer of keyboard instruments. The company is now a subsidiary of Gibson Guitar Corporation.

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