Music Hall Anniversary Celebrations

The elegant structure of Music Hall has endured famously over the years, a testament to those who conceived it and to those who continue to contribute to its grandeur. From the thousands of people who gathered in celebration at the grand opening May 14, 1878, to those who cheer each performance and event held in the building, everyone will agree the hall holds a special place in the lives and hearts of many who've called Cincinnati home.


The cover of the Golden Jubilee Souvenir Book The ''Golden Jubilee Souvenir Book'' was presented in 1928 to mark the Fiftieth Anniversary of the dedication of Music Hall. In the ''Introductory'', the author called Music Hall ''Greater Cincinnati's most popular entertainment place'', adding ''for fifty years it has been our city's best advertisement. It ranks with the leading educational institutions of the town. The founders of Music Hall builded better than they knew.''

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Cincinnati Music Hall 100th Anniversary Program Saengerfest For the Centennial Celebration, President Jimmy Carter wrote a letter to congratulate "the friends of the Cincinnati Music Hall" on the anniversary. He wrote:

''This outstanding institution has made a valuable contribution to the artistic life of your City. It has provided a home for many arts that enrich the cultural diversity, expand the intellectual horizons and give endless pleasure to the area's citizens.''

The letter is at the head of a booklet that showcases the occasion, for which a Saengerfest was held.

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Cincinnati Music Hall 100th Anniversary Program Saengerfest For Music Hall's 125th birthday, SPMH gave a big party -- complete with entertainment provided by the May Festival Youth Chorus, the North Avondale Montessori Choir, the School for Creative and Performing Arts Children's Choir, and more -- and invited everyone to come. A Fanfare in commemoration of the anniversary was created by Michael D'Ambrosio of CCM. Also, SPMH sponsored a ''Painted Violin Project'', Pennies for Preservation (based on the funds raised by school children to help fund construction of Music Hall) and unveiled an Anniversary Ornament.

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See a copy of the letter sent by President Jimmy Carter to Cincinnati on the occasion of Music Hall's Centennial Anniversary.

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