Music Hall's 125th Anniversary Celebration

SPMH joined with the Cincinnati Arts Association (CAA) to honor the occasion of the 125th Anniversary of Music Hall with a special event titled ''Forever Young'' and invited everyone to join in the celebration on Wednesday, May 7, 2003. Honored at the event were long-time Music Hall patrons Mrs. Patricia Corbett, Mrs. Louise Dieterle Nippert, and Mr. Charles Westheimer.

The event featured performances by a number of area youth choruses and choirs, including the University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music Preparatory Department Brass Choir performing the World Premiere of the ''Fanfare in Commemoration of the 125th Anniversary of Music Hall,'' composed by Michael D'Ambrosio.

Event Chairman Tom Osterman wtih SPMH President Norma Petersen For the Violin Project, 14 violins were painted by area artists, honoring various key individuals and organizations connected with Music Hall. These painted violins were displayed as they were completed, starting with six violins on display the weekend of April 4-6. Each month, more violins joined the original group, and they remained on display until they were auctioned off to the public at an event in the fall at Music Hall.

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Steve Finn, CAA, Production Coordinator, and emcee Courtis Fuller The ''Pennies for Preservation'' project was the brainchild of high school junior Danielle Cahill. It mirrored the period 1875-78 when School Superintendent Charles Aiken asked students to save and collect pennies for the construction of Music Hall. The children collected $3,000.00 toward the project; in today's economy, that would equal nearly $50,000.00 of buying power.

In the Archives Project, Robert Howes (committee chair) unveiled the Music Hall Archives to the public. With display cases donated by the Cincinnati Museum Center Historical Library, the Archives Project displayed to the public such things as the original letter from the City of Cincinnati's Health Department to the group building Music Hall in 1875-1878 (Reuben Springer et al.) asking them what they had planned to do with the bodies uncovered when the site was excavated for Music Hall's foundation.

the ornament designed to commemorate Music Hall's 125th Anniversary An ornament was designed to commemorate the anniversary. The gold plated metal ornament depicts the classical emblem of the Music Hall. It is circular and two dimensional and measures about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. It also has a loop of gold thread for hanging.


See photos of the performers and many of the people involved in the 125th anniversary celebration of Music Hall.

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